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Remember the author Elizabeth Kolodziej I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, her book Vampyre Kisses has finally been published and it’s out on the market. It’s definitely a book to read if you like the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlene Harris or the Morganville Series by Rachel Caine. All three feature strong women who thrown into the supernatural world and how they adapt. Let’s not forget the very charming male lead as well. 


Faith is a young woman bored with her life in New York. Her life turns around when she meets Trent, a vampire that helps her realize who she really is by thrusting her into his world. Faith turns out to be a witch and the last of her kind. In the midst of discovering who she is, two powerful gems are stolen from the vampire master and the werewolf royalty forcing both species to unite to stop the two of their kind who have gone rogue. Faith will play a key part in stopping the rogue men when Faith’s mother who hunts vampires joins the rogue men. Only with Faith helping can the vampires and werewolves retrieve the gems and stop the rogue men from gaining control of their world.


This book was released like on the last week of May so it’s relative new and I’m not going to spoil it outright. I want to give people a chance to read it and discover for themselves why it’s a good book. On another note, Trent can’t stay away from Faith even though his marker, Collin, has warn him about staying away. He goes against Collin and ends up in an situation where he is forced to reveal what he is to Faith when another vampire attacks her. Soon after, Faith meets Morgan, another vampire, who reveals Faith is a witch and wants her to be train so she could comfortable with her witch abilities. Faith now knows witches and vampires exist so the revelation of the werewolves is soon follow along with the knowledge the gems have been stolen. Trent is forced to leave with Zou Tai, the prince of werewolves, to look for the gems while Faith and Morgan trained with Akilah. It’s during this time Helen, the mother of Faith, joins the rogue werewolf and vampire to create a hybrid, a mix between vampire and werewolf. In the end, the group travels to Ireland to stop the rogue men and Helen and succeed. No major spoilers will be given; this is just a rough outline with many interesting twists and turns.

My Takes:

I have to admit the first four chapters threw me into a loop because the story switches from Faith to Trent. It reminded me of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I don’t mind that but what got me worry was the first two days were replay from their perspective. The day included different events and different thoughts but nonetheless, it’s the same day. Luckily, this just happen for the first four chapters because the rest of the book does transition from Faith to Trent and occasionally Morgan but right where the previous chapter left off. I was really amazed by how she explained what happens after a vampire dies because its a subject omitted by so many vampire books. It’s an interesting view and worth reading along with how the hatred between vampires and werewolves started. As much as this book is about Faith embracing her witch heritage, it’s also about understanding the vampire world Kolodziej created. I hope in due time, she explains the werewolves world because it appears to have a structure as well along with the origins of the Salt Whip and why they are witch hunters. I really can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

So if  you like the sound of this book ad would like to purchase it, please click on Vampyre Kisses on Amazon. Thank you.