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When I first heard, William Control, I loved his voice because it was deep. It wasn’t light or bouncy. It sounded dark and very in control. Imagine my surprise when I discovered William Control is the side project of the lead singer of Aiden, Will Francis. It is Francis who is doing the singing and his voices is the complete opposite of Aiden. In Aiden, Francis is a regular singer who can be mistaken for a singer of a different band for people who are not used to hearing Aiden. I’m a fan of Aiden and I didn’t recognize his voice but I was drawn to it. It felt familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint where I heard it. He debuted his album Hate Culture in October 27, 2008  and it’s a decent album. I don’t know why I didn’t Youtube William Control earlier but I’m glad I finally did.  I love “Beautiful Loser” and the outdoor scenes remind me of  “One Love.” Both are on here for voice comparisons.

Official Site: William Control