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I love sewing and making my own clothes, I have even thought about creating my own line of clothing. However, it’s more of a hobby for me and turning it into a business, well, it would take the pleasure out of it. I do appreciate all the people who have unique style of clothing and venture out to create a business. Killer Kitty Clothing is an interesting line of work. Created in 2005 by Andrea, she has been reconstructing clothing and turning them in to amazing articles of clothing. She can take a Misfit T-shirt and transform it into a slouch bag. A Ramones T-shirt can become a hoddie.  My personal favorite is The Nightmare Before Christmas corset. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are interested in alternative clothing.  What I really like is that I can make a statement in a feminine  style shirt instead of a regular t-shirt which is not as cute as the Kiss Top. Feel free to stumble onto Killer Kitty.