The Becoming is a Christian Rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. They have been active since 2004 but found a label in 2008 so they are essentially new to the music scene. I first heard them on TVU and I really like the song they played which was “I Cry.” His voice isn’t unique but it makes you notice him and pay attention. Plus, I love the lyrics to “I Cry.” What more can I say? There isn’t much on them and Youtube doesn’t have quality videos of them.  They take full advantage of the keyboard playing to have their own sound. Recently, the band lost their name and I have no idea why. I have been trying to find out why but I haven’t found a recent. If you head to their Myspace, the name will be ” Don’t Have One Anymore”, don’t be alarm. It’s The Becoming site.

Website: The Becoming at Myspace

Wikipedia: The Becoming