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Mieka Pauley is an American singer-songwriter who won the “grand prize in the first Starbucks/Nemo Emerging Artist Competition”. And unfortunately, there isn’t much on her other than what is is Wikipedia. She released her first album, Elijah Drop Your Gun in November 2007. I love her vocals, she has a very sweet and melodic tone. Her music is mellow sounding but the lyrics are important because they are not as sweet. Take “Bravely” which talks about a man scarred by a former lover and drinks to deal. One of my favorite songs is “Devil’s Got My Secret” and I love her vocals in it and they rise with passion towards the middle end. “Marked Man” is a song reminding of the Old South but it’s beautifully song and show how strong she is of a singer when she can pound on the guitar and just sing.

Mieka Pauley-Wikipedia

Official website: Mieka