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Sisely of Shiny Toy Guns

Well, it seems I didn’t keep my New Year’s Resolutions for putting up at least one post per week. One post and it’s so difficult. Oh well. To make it up, I attended HEAT Musical Festival at UC Riverside (Feb. 13) and saw Shiny Toy Guns, The Crystal Method, and Taking Back Sunday. I only took photos of Shiny Toy Guns and Taking Back Sunday.Plus, I was in the front row.

Chad Petree of Shiny Toy Guns

Shiny Toy Guns was amazing. I really like this band. They perform “Le Disko”, “You Are The One”, “Rainy Monday”, and so on. Sisely Treasure was so intense when she move around in high heels and in her singing. Chad Petree had amazing vocals all through the show. Jeremy Dawson was the most interactive member of the group with the crowd. He would be speaker for the group and it was just fun to hear him. My pictures came out all foggy because of the smoke they use during their performance but nonetheless, I really like the pictures. The fans were awesome and were rocking out.

Jeremy Dawson on keyboards; Shiny Toy Guns

Honestly, I didn’t know who Crystal Method was and seeing them live is not my taste. They overuse the lights and blind the audience with their brightness. Plus, the booming bass sound is not the most pleasant feeling after the 12th time.  Other than that, I like the music. It was very “danceable” and allows you to lose yourself in it.

Matt from Taking Back Sunday

Adam of Taking Back Sunday

The last band to perform was Taking Back Sunday and they were amazing. Their pictures came out better because they didn’t use smoke and if it was use, it was limited. Before the band was on the stage, the crowd was pushing  and rowdy. It was so tight and very hard to move. I don’t like their fans, they are just too intense.The band’s performance was amazing. I love when Adam throw wraps the microphone across his neck. Matt Rubano gave an anecdote about New York and California which I miss cause I was too busy defending myself from crowd pushers and the screaming was drowning his voice out.  The band did an encore as well. In ended with Adam climbing a pole and singing “Makedamnsure” upside down. It was awesome.

Adam singing upside down