Without a doubt, I’m a Batman fan. I find him to be the most realistic superhero there is. The element of realism in Batman is the drawing factor for his fans. He is an average person accomplishes great feat without being from another planet but more importantly, doesn’t have any super powers. There lies the difference between all the superheroes we love as a society. No one can ever hope to become Superman, Spider-Man, or Wonder Woman. It’s too unrealistic but that’s what draws people to them. People can escape reality by reading about superheroes doing deeds no one else but the superheroes can do. All that is great but I have found pleasure in dealing with reality by focusing on reality. If the reality doesn’t match the perspective, then change the reality to match it. It’s why I’m a fan of Batman. Bruce Wayne hated seeing Gotham City being corrupt so he decided to change it to match an upstanding Gotham City (in his perspective). Batman matches reality but not many of his villains. Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy, I doubt they will exist in this world. The Riddler and The Joker, perhaps.  Forget the billionaire and the gadgets of Batman, what remains is a man who train his body to work for him.  I can’t recall when Superman trains. It’s something we can all achieve if we would like to, whether it be performing acrobatic feats or perfecting martial arts skills. What Batman represents is attainable to the average person. People can become a Bruce Wayne as well, by gaining financial status or an a smaller scale, own a company with great success. Batman is within grasp and is so tempting to become him, hell, some succeed.