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Code Geass is one of the best anime ever created. It’s so intense and the complexity is amazingly mind-numbing.  If Death Note is a series you like, then Code Geass is for you. I’m reminded of Light whenever I see Lelouch and his plans to create a better for Nunally. Both have the aid of a supernatural being; Ryuk in Death Note and C.C. in Code Geass. Ryuk has an obsession with apples and C.C. is pizza. In both series, the antagonist knows who the other is but without solid proof, neither moves forward. L and Suzaku. Unfortunately, only Lelouch manages to complete his ultimate goal while Light doesn’t. It’s not the point I’m trying to make. As much as I love Code Geass and Death Note, I love Batman. (As the new posts will show). Batman is so outstanding to me and to me, the ultimate superhero because he doesn’t rely on powers but rather on basic human skills refine to a point of no return. Searching for AMV  on Youtube, I stumbled (like I do for everything)  upon The Dark Knight trailer voice-over Code Geass and it fits perfectly. Lelouch as The Joker and Suzaku as Batman. It’s perfectly done. Give props to Arczi as he is the editor.