“Vampires don’t have a reflection.” A characteristic attributed solely to the vampire yet its a vanishing feature. Spike and Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer don’t have a reflection neither do the vampires of Anne Rice. Vampire can’t show up in a photo like Mick from Moonlight stated and Alexander from the Vampire Kisses series proves it by not appearing in a photo. Edward from Twilight is quite capable of appearing in a photo. However, Mick stated they could appear in a video because video is not a photo. A shift in the idea (but acceptable) leads to Bill from True Blood in revealing vampires have always had reflections and they (vampires) started the rumor to prove they weren’t vampires even though they are. This rule seems to blur more and more as the vampire evolves to fit our modern ideas. It’s our need to humanize the vampires when in fact, they are not humans. Bringing humane characteristics to their nature is downplaying their supernatural and making vampires our equals when they are not. The non-human attributes of the vampires is what is so appealing to us as a society. Humanizing the vampires is only going to lead to there demise and the zombies are going to take over the world.