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Roger and Angel are my favorite couple from Big O. Technically, there are no couples in Big O but I personally like them better than Roger and Dorothy stories. I like opposite attractions because they actually do work well. I think this relationship could have worked out but no such luck. Angel is really an amazing character because she contradicts everything she is supposed to be. She is a collector of memories yet she never collects one. She is the memory of being loved because no one loves hers. She believes Roger is in love with Dorothy and maybe he is; her mother, Vera, doesn’t love her, so she is the memory of being loved. She carries a gun but never kills anyone. She’s a contradiction within a contradiction and I love her character.

Act 7:The Call From The Past RogerXAngel

Roger and Angel are trapped in the underwater building. Based on Act 7 with an extended look. It’s 11 chapters.

Act 3: Electric City RogerXAngel

Roger and Angel investigate the power outages in Paradigm City. It’s nine chapters.

Act O: Deja Vu RogerXAngel

Roger and Angel are at the beach recollecting after the war.