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Athrun and Lacus is a pairing I really love and it makes me sad Gundam Seed separeated them and gave them new partners. I love how they contrast each other. He is serious and sullen while she is happy go lucky and friendly. Yet they can both take the initiative in life and perform individual decisions which can go against society. I’m a huge fan of opposite attracting couple because no one expects them to last and this particular couple didn’t.  So, here are the stories that should have been, could have been but never were. All one-shot stories.

Heart’s Desire

Athrun and Lacus are having an affair and he forces her to decide between Kira and him.


Athrun’s take on Valentine’s Day.

His Answers

Athrun answers his five-year old daughter’s question about Santa Claus.

Did You Hear

Athrun reads what the tabloids say about Lacus and him. (Hilarious)