Vampires have changed over the years. From the sultry aristocratic vampire to the vampire in blue jeans. The idea of vampires being not able to stand in the sun has changed dramatically over the years. I remember when Dracula was killed by the burning sunlight. A few years later, Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer tells Buffy he can stand in the sunlight when it isn’t shining so bright. The idea of a vampire being able to be out during the day was shocking. It went against what I believe about vampire but I accepted it because Spike couldn’t be out in the sun when it was shining so bright. After Spikes’s confession, we have Edward from Twilight who glows in the sunlight which finally leads to Stefan washing a car in the day with no effect by the sun. Vampires have began to embrace their mortal enemy, the sun, with open arms. Vampires are truly complex creatures.