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Shutter Island is a mystery/thriller 2003 novel by Dennis Lehane. It starts off in 1949 with US Marshalls Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule heading to Ashecliffe, a mental hospital, to investigate the disappearance of Rachel Solando, a patient. Everything is  not as it seems at Ashecliffe starting with the staff who doesn’t seem to be interesting in finding Rachel or discovering why Rachel alludes to a 67 patient when there is only 66 patients.


Spoiler Alert

The US Marshall Teddy and Chuck head to Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of murderess Rachel Solando who left behind a piece of paper indicating there is a 67 patient in the island.The search for Rachel quickly turns into a search for Patient 67 whom everyone claims is a figment of Rachel’s mind. In the search, Teddy reveals he came to island to find Andrew Laeddis the man who set the fire that kill his wife. Laeddis could be patient 67 or Teddy could be the patient since Dr.Crowley, the head doctor, has begun to screw around with Teddy’s mind. In the aftermath, Teddy begins to suspect Chuck isn’t who he is but once Chuck disappears, Teddy is resolve in finding him. Unfortunately, everyone claims Teddy came alone to the island so Teddy know they are trying to keep him int he island. Teddy tries to escape the island but ends up meeting with Dr.Crowley who simply states he has been at Ashecliffe for two years and he is Patient 67. Teddy doesn’t belive it and ask for Chuck who turns out to be a doctor at the hospital. Everything is reveal; Teddy is Andrew Laeddis and Rachel Solando is Dolores, his dead wife, who murdered their three children. Teddy killed his wife because he couldn’t believe she killed the children and then lost his own mind in the process.  Andrew created Teddy to deal with the situation and was sent to Ashecliffe. The entire point of the last four days was to get Andrew to remember he was Andrew, not Teddy.


My Take:

I bought Shutter Island because I like Leonardo DiCaprio and the movie was directed by Martin Scorsese. Plus, I love Mystic River. This book is insane as the patients there. Honestly, I was not expecting Teddy to be Andrew Laeddis and that his wife was the one who murdered their children. Halfway through the book, I suspect Chuck was playing along with Dr.Crowley and they both wanted to keep him on the island. Once Chuck disappears, you know the people want to keep Teddy there. When Dr.Crowley begins to reveal Teddy’s past and the part he play in the past four days, I thought foul play and they really are playing with his mind.  Chuck turns out to be  a doctor in the hospital who played along with Teddy’s delusions and you can feel the hurt in Teddy when he states that he was risking his life to find him. That’s painful and a complete betrayal. When Teddy remembers the truth and knows what Dr.Crowley said is true, its shocking and turns everything around. I love this book.