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Blackmore’s Night is a inspired renaissance-folk band founded by Ritchie Black from Deep Purple and Candice Night.  They have been making music since 1997 with the release of their first album Shadow of The Moon.  She has an amazing voice and the music is so sweet and mellow. Both play instruments common to the Renaissance era as well as today’s instruments. The lyrics are also well-written and quite imaginative. Blackmore’s Night perform in Renaissance fairs as well as “stand-alone concerts”.

All info was gathered at Wikipedia. For a more detailed bio, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackmore%27s_Night

The official website: http://www.blackmoresnight.com/

Ghost of a Rose from Ghost of A Rose(2003)

Loreley from Ghost of A Rose (2003)

Village Lanterne from The Village Lanterne (2006)