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I adore vampires but I can honestly say I’m tired of Twilight the books. Everyone is so obsessed with it, they can’t even begin to understand the Twilight series isn’t as great as it seems. Twilight was written by Stephanie Meyer and published in 2005-2008. There are many flaws with Twilight but let’s focus on one flaw. This particular flaw is the character of Bella. If Bella is the heroine/main character and she is, then why is she so weak-minded throughout all four books? Her character is so dependent on Edward that she doesn’t have her own personality. Her dependence on Edward reminds me of the many Princess stories told by Disney. Bella could stand next to Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and you wouldn’t be able to tell that Bella is not a Disney Princess. Both princess need to be rescue from dangerous situation and they are rescued by a man who appears to be drawn to them for no particular reason. Well, truth to be told, they were drawn by the princess beauty. Bella needs to be rescue by Edward, well, her imaginary Edward (New Moon) from dangerous situation and he’s drawn to her for her blood (Twilight). The only times she becomes her own person is when she becomes a vampire in Breaking Dawn.  It finally hits her when she wants to see her father because she knows he is worry about her. She realizes he doesn’t know what she has done or what Edward is. She has no qualms in leaving her mother and her father behind; she never once thought about it. Her decision was pretty clear at the end of New Moon. She is going to be a vampire and be with Edward forever. This irks me because becoming a vampire is not something a person decides just like that like picking a skirt to wear to school. It’s a life-changing decision because a person is leaving their mortal life, their mortal friends and choosing to be immortal. It never cross Bella’s mind that her parents and everyone she knows( who is mortal) will die and she will be fix in time for eternity with only the Cullens by her side. Even if the love is true love, every love has that particular stage of uncertainty which is later conquer by a complete resolution to be with the loved one. This doesn’t happen to Bella; she has always been certain and no one can be certain without first doubting what they are doing and reaffirming they are in the right.