I’m not really great when it comes to keeping track of my accounts whether it be MySpace, Facebook, Hotmail, yahoo, google, or any other account I create. I just tend to forget to check it out. I figured I needed some incentive to make me go back to the website and updated it. On Facebook, I joined Farmersville. Nice little game to keep me motivate to return. I planted strawberries because they were going to ripe in four hours and wouldn’t you know it, they slip my mind for three days. The strawberries wither and I had to replant them. Only to forget them for a week, so no luck. Once I started messing around with it, I find it to be quite interesting and not too exciting but a slow pace game. There are ribbons if you have neighbors. I have five neighbors and I need eight to earn my second ribbon, so almost there. There are ribbons for successfully harvesting crops, which I’m working on. For planting unique trees, for helping your neighbors, for decorations, and I realize that my farm could be very unique. Now that is incentive to make go back.